Les Amants - the blind lovers

Les_amants_Magritte “In order to live happily, live hidden” – Jean Pierre Claris de Florian

Everyday, people choose to live with blinders on. To be happy, people often ignore the wars and horrors happening in our world everyday. But concealment is a two-way street. When we hide the world from ourselves, we also hide ourselves from the world.

Les Amants (the lovers) shows two people kissing, while wearing hoods over their entire heads. Could these people be those who have chosen to hide from the world and from each other? Even hide from the person closest to them at the moment.

What is love really? People say it is acceptance – of yourself and of another person – regardless of their shortcomings. But is it necessarily blindness to each other’s bad qualities? Or is it that the love overcomes them, and they disappear. If we choose to believe something only exists as long as there is someone to see it, love is the cure-all for any flaws.

Perhaps this piece says that it is not necessary to see each other to be in love, because love comes from the soul, something we can only feel but cannot see.

Or maybe the explanation is much simpler; they are so consumed with the notion of loving somebody, kissing somebody that they do not care at all who it is. Unfortunately, fear ties into our experiences with love. At least in my experience, I have been known to stay in a relationship that is over out of fear of never finding someone else. In that instance we were both wearing hoods over our heads, pretending we were with someone else.

So could the hoods have been placed over the heads of the lovers by each other, not themselves? The lovers could have projected onto each other an image of their dream partner, a person other than the one they are with.

There is also a distance that exists between them. They are embracing, and kissing each other but the hoods prevent them from being even closer still. Could it be that they are very much in love, but that is what is keeping them guarded?

I once wrote a poem about love, where I suggested to find love one must walk with his eyes closed through the dark. The lovers did one better; their whole heads are covered. They are completely concealed from each other. Yet they are still les amants. Their souls are connected, they don’t need to see each other, they don’t need to see their surroundings. And isn’t that really the true meaning of love? It is the deepest of connections, where nothing else matters except being together.

Maybe the lovers aren’t so blind after all, but in fact see more than most.