leather pants cozy sweaters

So it finally cooled down enough for some leather pants cozy sweaters combos. I love this time because ordinarily I only get to wear leather pants a few times a year. leather pants cozy sweaters 0372


I know it might seem weird wearing these pants with sandals, but I don't care ;) my toes can be a little cold for beauty. Besides my upper half is warm with this cashmere-blend sweater from Joie.

leather pants cozy sweaters 0375

I would usually choose a Vince top for all my sweaters if I could, but I have had this top for a while and it's actually a perfect match for my leather pants cozy sweaters look. I first realized it's very warm when I wore it with shorts in the summer.

I like this one because it's not super warm, and the wool blend is perfect for the LA winter. Also check out this top, it's not grey, but I love the uneven hem with latex leggings or real leather pants.

Vince of course makes amazing sweaters, and this one is no exception. I love it for the same reason I like my top, the short sleeves are a better option for LA weather. The relaxed arm look is also a great way to offset tight leather trousers.

If you're somewhere cooler, this Vince sweater is just perfect.

leather pants cozy sweaters 0374    leather pants cozy sweaters 0369

My pants are Blank Denim leather. I got them because leather pants are a must-buy for a full, complete wardrobe. I love these J Brand leather pants, they fit just like the company's jeans, which always look great.

I also love these pants, if you like a more relaxed fit. It gives a really unique spin on the leather pants cozy sweaters look.

leather pants cozy sweater 0370  leather pants cozy sweaters 0373

If you don't wear leather, check out these Blank Denim Vegan leather pants. They look exactly like leather pants, but are much more eco conscious. Not to mention, the price is great!

These pants are also Blank Denim and look a little more like the ones I'm wearing.

leather pants cozy sweaters 0371

I completed the look with a gold choker that I love (similar here and here). And my Manolo Chaos sandals. I think I wear them too much, but I did buy two new pairs of winter boots, so I should have more versatility in posts to come :o)

If you love these sandals as much as I, check out these similar from Nordstrom and Chinese Laundry.


I hope you all enjoy this weather as much as I do!