leather pants

I am so selfish! I completely didnt take into consideration that it's still cold in some parts of the world. So what would I wear if it was cold? Leather pants. Definitely. leather pants

It's kind of blurry, but it shows the pants off best. Maybe because it's always so hot in LA, I feel like I never get to wear leather pants, so whenever I have a chance to, I take it. Last I wore them, it was raining here and my legs were quite warm! It's kind of a weird place to be cold..

leather pants_3

I'm wearing Blank Denim leather pants, they're real leather, but here's some vegan ones (or these :P ). Blank Denim is quite good quality, my pants are thin, nice quality leather. The only weird thing is they are lined only to the mid thigh. It makes them easier to pull on, but I had to size up twice. They're super skinny.

I think the point I'm trying to make is that leather pants are good for warm weather. These One Teaspoon pants look the closest to the ones I'm wearing, but they're a splurge.

These are from Saks, and on sale they're incredibly reasonable for leather pants.

leather pants_bottom

The look I was trying to copy with the sandals is from the Vince look book. The Vince leather pants are on sale at Bluefly! I never tried those, but if they're Vince, they're great and totally worth it.

leather pants_back

I'm also wearing the Joie Alicia top, it's a simple 100% silk top. I think I have it in every color ;)

And for shoes, of course the Manolo Chaos, these are a lower heel version (I think 3.25 inches) so they can literally be worn with anything, they are so comfortable. Or in the lower price range, these BP sandals. They work with leather pants and pretty much everything else!

Thanks for reading! xx --