Last days of summer

With just a week left until Labour Day, I am trying to squeeze in all my white outfits into one week. I'll probably still wear white through September, since it is still insanely hot, but these are the official Last Days of Summer. I can't believe how quickly it's gone by.

last days of summer-6


This is my favourite casual summer dress from Karen Zambos Couture. I loved the way it was paired with the brown belt in the photo, and just had to have both. Here's a similar Karen Zambos dress, I love the lace detail on this one as well.

My dress was actually sold out in my size, but I bought it anyway, because back then I made choices very differently than I do now ;)

last days of summer-4   last days of summer-3


You can tell it's a bit bulky from the back and side, but with the belt, it just looks like a loose dress, perfect for those last days of summer when it's still hot.

Check out this Rebecca Taylor dress, on sale! It's great without the belt, but the diagonal fringe would create a really cool flow with a belt added.

Haute Hippie also makes great flowy dresses, and this one is no exception. I also really like this Shopbop exclusive.

last days of summer


I was really happy to find the belt though. It's just a simple Forever21 belt, but it matched so well with my shoes, and was a perfect fit at my waist. I also love this Ferragamo belt, it's reversible, so it's like a two for one.

Because of the gold hardware at the closure, the belt should fit perfectly, since there's no way to adjust it. That's why I love a reversible belt, since the leftover end goes inside the belt and doesn't hang out. This belt is another great choice, it's stretchy just like mine, so you know it will be a perfect fit.

last days of summer-2

My pumps were from Banana Republic, and I wear them only with this dress, since brown shoes are not exactly my thing. I really like the fact that my belt matches my shoes perfectly, though. It was one of those 'meant to be' shopping moments.

Obviously, I would love to have these Tom Ford pumps, the ankle strap is so in now too. And they would be perfect with black tights in the fall. No shoe list would be complete without my favorite Manolos, and these look more classic as well. Finally, these shoes look the most like mine, and they're definitely a better price decision.

To finish off, I put on my twist earrings, check out these and these for similar looks.


Hope you're all enjoying your last days of summer!!