labor day weekend

So I spoke too soon about saying goodbye to summer. It is officially the hottest week of the year (I hope), and I'm at a loss. I'm so inspired by all the clothes from fashion week, but with the thriple digit heat I can't wear any of it.

Labor Day weekend was extremely hot, so I went with a white outfit that holds its own in this insane weather.

labor day weekend 142


My skirt is James Perse standard. I'm not a huge fan of white skirts, so I chose this one because of the ruching, which is a flattering fit, and also kind of reminded me of the Alexander Wang skirt that was really popular around the time. If I could go back in time, I probably would have gotten this one instead.

I wouldn't spend too much money on a skirt like this, so check out this one, or this one for a similar look. If you like James Perse, this skirt is a better color for fall.

labor day weekend 138


I went with my pointed toe Manolos for this look. I wanted to take an outfit that looked really casual and make it classier. I know this isn't the ideal shoe for labor day weekend, but that's what I like: unusual choices.

These Louboutins are also amazing for this look, and work any other time during the year.

I also absolutely must recommend these Ivanka Trump shoes. I know Trump's a terrible person, who has really shown his true colors this election, but this is his daughter. And her shoes are the most comfortable I've ever worn. Give them a chance if you can.

labor day weekend 140


The top is one of my favorites, Joie Alicia. I love the simple top because it's a staple and I wear it year-round. It worked for this Labor Day weekend white party, and I'm sure will work for many others.

i was thinking about wearing it knotted at the waist, but went with tucked in instead. However, it looks great both ways. I love having a top I can wear with anything in many different ways. I went up a size because I don't like having tanks be too tight around the arms, but usually Joie runs true to size.

Find the top here as well, on sale!

labor day weekend 139



I love this equipment top as well, they have really amazing fabric choices. Another great option is Go Silk tops, they offer silk for very affordable prices.

Everyone should have a silk top in their wardrobe!

labor day weekend 141


I was planning on wearing another look for this Labor Day weekend, but the heat put that option on hold.

Hopefully I'll have another opportunity to wear it, since I don't follow that 'no white after Labor Day' rule ;)


Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend and happy September!!

<3 <3