la fashion week

Los Angeles Fashion Week

A couple of weeks ago (ok like a month ago), I went to LA fashion week. This was also one of the times last month I cheated on my wardrobe cluster ;)))

fashion week 3

It's warm out today, and I thought this look was just right, also I'm attempting to bring some color into my life before I succumb to all black fall outfits.

This lilac set is a great outfit for the spring 2017 shows that we saw, but I threw a leather jacket on top to make it look more like fall.

fashion week 4

Rebecca Taylor tweed skirt and top Missguided bandage skirt and top Asos crop top Missguided scuba skirt Asos lace dress Missguided cut out dress Asos salon lilac dress boohoo lace skirt set

Since spring fashion week is always in the fall, I feel it is kind of a challenge to find what to wear. But that's part of the fun of fashion week! Honestly, I think my outfit and my attempt to bridge fall and spring styles was completely lost on this crowd. They were not fashion forward at all. In fact, I think someone there was wearing jeans from the 90s with a matching jean jacket.

fashion week 1

I sometimes wonder if something is wrong with how I'm dressed based on people's reactions. As a fashion blogger, enthusiast, and stylist I always expect people to gasp in awe of my outfits as I walk by. I learned over time that people's lack of reaction is not due to my poor outfit choices. Some people just don't get it! In fact, I'll say most people don't REALLY get fashion. But that is why we're here!

fashion week 2


Whenever I don't know exactly what to expect from where I'm going, I wear my Manolo Chaos, since they're the most comfortable shoes I have.

Manolo Blahnik Chaos B.P. Luminate Schutz Cadey sandal Sam Edelman sandals

fashion week 5

This was my first fashion week so I didn't know what to expect. I ended up carrying my Ferragamo clutch instead of the big bag, but for general purposes I like the shopper better.

Ralph Lauren shopper Saint Laurent tote Lanvin tote Ralph Lauren tote

Finally for jewelry I went with a snake ring, also found here.



This fashion week wasn't what I expected at all. It was too long and I was starving and freezing. However, it was still a very eye-opening experience for me.

Being a fashion influencer makes me feel like I'm part of a special club. Like I'm in on a secret I share with only a select few. I love sharing my knowledge with others, but I also love being an expert!