Inspiration is vital in choosing what to wear. Luckily, inspiration can come from anywhere -- art, architecture, books, films, and of course other people on the street. The key to get the most out of inspiration is not to copy exactly someone else's outfit. But to invent your own version based on what you've seen. Getting inspiration from anything in the world and turning it into an outfit is not easy, but fortunately, it gets easier with practice.


This is my actual skirt, the Kinetic Jersey skirt, and here they have all sizes -- I had to get the medium and take in the waist, making it look like a wrap skirt. A similar version to my "creation" is here.

This skirt is also one I was looking at, it has a "true slit" rather than a kind of cutout that the Kinetic Jersey skirt has.

This was the inspiration behind that outfit. Obviously it's not the exact same thing, but it's close enough that it is clear what the inspiration was.

I made my crop top from an old Lucky brand tank, you can try this one, or this one. Really any old tank top will do, just cut it about an inch below where you bra would end, and hand sew the edge so it doesn't unravel.

This Helmut Lang crop top would be a perfect match for any of the Helmut Lang skirts above, and would look exactly like the inspiration photo!


And finally, the shoes -- the Manolo Blahnik Chaos were the original inspiration for mine :P

The Stuart Weitzman Nudist is a moderate price version. But these Nordstrom sandals are a perfect match for any of the above shoes for an amazing price. Or try the Topshop version in a higher heel.

Jules Smith choker necklace, top of finger rings (here, and here), and plain gold ring. And of course my Foley + Corinna bag (try this one).

Hope that was inspiring!