how to look chic in the summer

How to look chic in the summer? Well, it's actually not as difficult as it sounds. I live in LA and I am always sweating in the summer (I like hot tea too and I refuse to give it up just because its 30 outside). 30 is across-the-pond speak for 100 degrees.

I would even dare say it is easier to look chic in the summer because we are wearing so little clothing. the trick is to pick clothes with structure ;)

How to look chic in the summer:

Top: Rebecca Minkoff -- similar here, here, and here

Skirt: Current/Elliot -- similar here, here, or here

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik -- similar here and here

how to look chic in the summer-6

This type of skirt is literally available everywhere. It has been modeled after the classic Herve Leger bandage dress. I think it's a really good choice for a simple black mini.

It has a twist, separating it from the ordinary black skirt, which is always a good thing.

how to look chic in the summer-3

The tiered top is a perfect match for this type of the skirt, because the lines of the bandage skirt are repeated in the top's layers.

black mini-7

Handbag: Marc by Marc Jacobs -- similar here, here, and here

I actually needed to carry a tote because I had a lot of stuff to carry, but it works.

Long gone are the days of having a perfectly matched bag and shoes, so I think we can pull this off ;)

how to look chic in the summer-5

One of the important things to remember when asking yourself 'how to look chic in the summer,' is the wardrobe cluster.

I will one day attempt to live for a whole month only wearing items from the 15-piece cluster I have been so vehemently recommending. I firmly believe that we can live on that little clothing for entire seasons at a time. It's not only good for the environment and the economy, it also works wonders for our mental health.

Having only 15 items from which to choose your wardrobe forces you to think creatively about the clothes you have. Creativity is good for the soul.

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So many people think fashion is all about having more and more, but it's really not. As a fashion-forward person, the thing that sets you apart from others is how you wear what you have, not how many trendy things you have.

Many bloggers out there have free stuff sent by designers daily, and it takes some of the fun out of being a stylist.

The real challenge lies in taking the things you have and making new and interesting looks out of them.

how to look chic in the summer ACCJewelry:

Bar necklace: Gorjana -- also here

Earrings: Chanel -- found here and here

Bangles: Marc Jacobs -- similar options here, here, and here

Bracelet sets: found here, here, or here


Thank you for reading, and stay chic! (and cool)