Happy Thanksgiving!

Every year around Thanksgiving, we have some hot weather and it always reminds me to be thankful for this beautiful city I live in. This year, it was my friend's birthday and we all went to the beach. But since it's November, it just doesn't feel right going in a bathing suit. So I wore my silk sweatpants to attempt to look casual ;) ;)

thanksgiving 0522

I wore my Alexander Wang silk sweats (similar here, here, and here).

I'm wearing them a lot lately. I had a pair of harem pants that were a kind of leggings fabric, and the pants became really ratty in a short amount of time. It sucked because I wore them all the time, and now they just look too old. But I remembered that I had these silk sweats in my closet and never really wore them. They're not exactly harem pants (which is even better, probably), but they work with all the tops I throw at them.

It's always a good idea to go shopping in your own closet ;) A lesson I'm happy to remember over the Thanksgiving break.

thanksgiving 0524-1 thanksgiving 0520

I'm obviously not saying you shouldn't shop, believe me, I'm not one to talk with all the clothes I keep "finding" in my closet. But I did mindlessly consume for years, and besides its' devastating effects on your wallet, it has other negative consequences too.

The Thanksgiving time is always mind-boggling to me. Here we are sitting down to celebrate everything we have, but in a few hours we will run out to a stampede and group fight over things we don't really need.

thanksgiving 0523

There are lots of good Thanksgiving deals out there, and this opportunity can be used to buy the few things you actually need (and want).

When it comes to fashion, those are obviously basics. And a ton of them are on sale now.

Like this Rebecca Minkoff top, similar to the one I'm wearing. Saks has a ton of sales as well, and after Thanksgiving will have even more. That's a great time to get this Vince top, always a classic. This Alice + Olivia top is also on sale at Bloomingdale's.


thanksgiving 0525

There's so much beautiful clothes out there, a ton of them I'm sure already hang in your closet. The trick is to be honest with yourself when shopping.

It's hard to say no to something, especially when it's on a huge sale, but I always feel better walking away from something I did not truly want.

thanksgiving 0526

I enjoy wearing something I have had for five years. It makes me feel creative, to give something new life by pairing it with different clothes. My Adriana Orsini necklace is almost six years old, and it's still available at Saks. This similar one is on an insane sale.

Simple chains like this one, or this one will always be around, and it is yet another item you can get during all the sales.

thanksgiving 0521-1 thanksgiving 0519

My Tibi sandals are another prized possession of mine (found here in red and blue). The lace up sandal was all the rage this year, but I did not give in because I already had a pair in similar style. These shoes are not exactly what everyone was wearing over the summer, but I couldn't justify buying yet another pair of similar shoes.

Lace up shoes are another great staple, and if you don't already have them, I recommend these Stuart Weitzman ones, they will last for years, both in style and quality.


I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and keep your wits about you! :DDD