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A lot of people have been asking me things about my hair and beauty and my makeup routines. So I thought I'd make a post dedicated to these things. When I first cut my hair, a lot of people asked me why I did it. No, I didn't have a break-up or a major change. My hair was really thick at chin length, and it took me over an hour to make some kind of hairstyle with it. I thought that was too long. When my hair was long, I still had to either fully straighten it, or fully curl it, and if someone wanted to do something spontaneous, my only option was a ponytail.

I wanted a hairstyle that looked done, and didn't require an hour to complete.

hair and beauty


This is pretty much an everyday hair and beauty look for me. I wait for my hair to dry, and then if it doesn't look the way I want, I'll use my BioIonic hair straightener to move some hairs into their rightful place.

On every hairstyle I choose, I use Kevin Murphy Easy Rider to finish everything up. This product is hands down the best. It makes my color brighter, hair shinier, and everything stays in place without helmet hair. And my hair is soft and moisturized, not sticky, and not overly smelly. I love it.

You can find it on Amazon, but it's almost double the price. Due to his popularity, a lot of salons now carry the products. In LA you can find it at Estilo Salon in West Hollywood, and Modem Salon in Silver Lake (which is where I got my hair cut by Lindsey).


Another question I get (or rather statement) is, 'guys don't like short hair.'

In short (HAH), opposite.

At least in my experience, I've been asked out more since I cut my hair than in my whole life combined. Obviously, attractiveness is all relative, and I think we look better when we feel confident. But that is a whole other post.

What I noticed is a lot of men I don't know approach me and tell me they love my hair. I've never had that happen when I had any other hairstyle.

hair and beauty2 hair and beauty 3


Perhaps the biggest criticism is that there's no versatility with this style. There's a ton of different ways to style short hair. You can tell from the photos I post that my hair looks different every time. Sometimes I'll add a bit of curl with my Enzo Milano flat-iron. It's travel size so it's perfect for adding curl to shorter hair. It also looks great if I apply product to my hair when it's still wet, its my version of 'perfect beach waves.'

hair and beauty 106 Day-old hair is perfect for spiking, no heat necessary, just run your hand through your hair in the opposite direction! It's the easiest, and coincidentally, the best look for a cocktail or evening dress, big earrings, going out, or perfecting my Halle Berry impersonation attempts ;)


hair and beauty 4     hair and beauty 5 My favorite hair and beauty look (at least right now) is red lipstick. I never had the courage to do it when I had longer hair, it just looked too costumey. I love MAC Ruby Woo, and MAC Viva Glam III for the dark burgundy, and I use Kinda Sexy for my everyday wear.

I never do any kind of contouring, and just use Bare Escentuals mineral makeup. It's light enough that I don't feel like I'm wearing too much, but still gives coverage. I tried using the more 'popular' products, but I just can't get into it.

But regardless of what makeup you use, to look great, you have to start at the beginning.


My favorite products ever (and I've tried MANY) are all Saian Skincare. They are all natural, organic, vegan, and have no mystery ingredients that I can't pronounce. Plus, I know the owner, and she's super cool :P :P hair and beauty 6

This is what my bathroom cabinet looks like. So pretty!

I start the day with the strawberry cleanser, spray my face with the collagen spray, and apply some Vitamin C serum (it's the brown bottle). Since my skin is oily, I don't need anything else in the morning. At night, I cleanse and spray herbal toner, then finish off with the amino lift creme (the yellow bottle).

The enzyme mask, which is the container on the far left, is the be-all end-all for me. It's like hitting the reset button on your skin. It just instantly renews my face, making it look like I just got back from the spa or went back in time five years.

To know that everything is natural, and I am supporting an independent business is just the cherry on top.


It took a lot of years and trials and errors to perfect my hair and beauty routine. I'm really glad I found so many great things that work wonderfully for me. Give some of them a try! And play around with different combinations to see what works for you.

And thanks for reading my super pretentious post ;) ;)