Something Good Lasts Forever


Something Good Lasts Forever

I probably come off as a very boring fashion blogger! A lot of my outfits are recycled, and I wear a lot of the same jewelry.

good jewelry 429

That's just how I like it. Instagram and blogs are filled with people wearing and doing all the same things. I want to shine a light on being true to yourself. When I was younger, my mother always told me, 'don't let anyone figure out you're from a different country.' She always convinced me that fitting in should be my primary goal.

Well, I don't know if you've ever tried very hard to fit in, but usually the more you try the less you fit in. I learned this just years ago, when I finally gave up trying, and just became myself.

The way I show myself is through fashion, so when I started this blog I didn't care to have every outfit off the mannequin at Zara. I just bought and wore what I liked! The same applies to my jewelry. I like buying good quality things that last forever.

good jewelry

My logo is one of my favourite jewelry layouts. Good jewelry doesn't have to be expensive, just simple and classic. That's how it stays in style forever!

Chanel earring studs, found here and here

Gold hoops

Tiffany's diamond ring, here and here

Plain gold chain

Plain gold rings, here and here


These are just some examples of good jewelry to invest in. What's your favourite piece?