Givenchy Sandals


Givenchy Sandals

So a little while ago, (okay, seven years ago) I got these Givenchy sandals. And they just sat in my closet because they were so uncomfortable. Oh and by the way, I got two pairs. They slid off the back and were impossible to walk in. That sucked because they were so cute, and the perfect flat shoe to wear out on vacation. Which is great, because I go on vacation so much -- she said sarcastically.

Throughout the years I really tried to make these Givenchy sandals work, but to no avail. Until a few days ago, when I realized all I have to do to make them stop sliding off the back is pull the strap up above my actual heel!

So for this outfit I put together what I think is a great vacation night out look. I even put a plant in the background to make it look extra vacation-like.

givenchy sandals 526 givenchy sandals 529

givenchy sandals 528

Get The Look

givenchy sandals 527

This Missguided dress was on sale, and I decided to keep just because it was too much of a hassle to return it. It seems to be sewn incorrectly so it's uncomfortable, but it looks great with these Givenchy sandals. Do you see a pattern forming here? With me constantly choosing uncomfortable clothes? Don't answer that.

I don't mind choosing a less expensive dress to bring on vacation with me, so these bodycon midi dresses are perfect.

givenchy sandals 525

Since these Givenchy sandals are seven years old, the brand has made some changes. And I definitely got my eye on those furry slides!

givenchy sandals 524

For the rest of my accessories I went with a bigger bag and smokey quartz earrings. I don't know about taking that Prada on holiday with you, but what the hell, live on the edge!


I think this is a great look to wear for a night on vacation!