friday night dress

Okay, so maybe it's not technically a Friday night dress if I'm wearing it at 5 p.m., but it counts for me because that is actually my night. I like to do something a little more relaxed. Dinner with friends, seeing some art, or listening to great music. I got all my partying out of my system in my twenties, so now I'm more interesting in learning something new, building relationships, and being surrounded by beauty.

friday night dress

I love love love this Donna Mizani dress. Anything racer front is my absolute favorite thing to wear. This is a perfect Friday night dress. The bodycon look is also a favorite of mine, but this dress is not too tight or revealing. For that reason, I like it as an afternoon-to-night dress, for the activities I have planned.

friday night dress-4

The outfit doesn't scream "It's Friday night! Lets get wasted at the club!"

That's not really my style, so my friday night dress would consist of something I can wear to a concert, or an art gallery. This is definitely that kind of dress.

friday night dress-ACC

To pair it, I chose my favorite Chanel bag. The vintage tassel bag is amazing! It's snake-skin, and goes so perfectly with a black dress and tan shoes.

I always joke that you know you made it when you have a Chanel. This bag is such a classy statement.


friday night dress-3


Paired with my trusty Manolos, this dress is all set to go! I need shoes I can walk and stand in, and that's something hard to find, so I'm really grateful for these Manolos.

I wore some simple jewelry: big earrings to highlight my hair, and a chunky toggle bracelet. Keeping things simple with my accessories, my friday night dress stands out without being too loud or attention grabbing. Perfect for nice evening out!


Dress: Donna Mizani -- similar here, here, and here

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik -- similar here or here

Bag: Vintage Chanel -- similar here

Jewelry: Earrings -- found here or here,

Toggle bracelet -- similar here and here

Have a great weekend!