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It is absolutely awful, the tragedies that occurred in Paris. It made me think about my time in France and how much I love and admire this country. When our plane landed in Paris 22 years ago, my mom squeezed my arm and said, "we are free."

We didn't spend much time there, and unfortunately I never made it back. But I never forgot that moment. It didn't mean that much to me back then when i was just a kid. Now looking back at it, I am incredibly grateful for the welcome we received in Paris; it was the first place we have ever been free.

I wanted to make this post a tribute to French fashion.


french fashion 0443

To me, French fashion is all about possibility. At the dressing table, I am filled with promise, that what I come up with will be absolutely amazing. Fashion in general makes me feel that anything is possible (YES! today these jeans will fit!)

The possibility in French fashion is more closely related to the different options and things we can do with our existing wardrobes. The belief that one little tweak can turn this into a completely different outfit. It is an attitude.

french fashion 0442    french fashion 0441

Outfit details:

Trench: Gap -- found here, here, and here

Dress: DVF -- similar here

Shoes: Gucci -- found here, here

french fashion 0440

I feel like so much of that French creativity is lacking in American fashion.

Here, it is more about consuming. These days, anyone can be trendy and fashionable, by buying trends that are sold everywhere.

It used to be that fashion was something only available for the truly creative.


french fashion 0439 french fashion 0438

The trench coat I'm wearing here I wear all the time, it's a classic trench, and anytime I wear it I feel like I am in Paris. It's so simple, yet so classic and chic that it never goes out of style. Something so sophisticated clearly belongs to French fashion.

I often get spoken to in French on the streets, and people always tell me I look French. To me, there's no bigger compliment. It's like saying to someone their style is impeccable.

french fashion 0435

My DVF dress is a twofer skirt and dress. It's also another very simple thing, but looks timeless and sophisticated as well. Paired with some huge heels or platforms it will transform into something else. Worn as a skirt, it also looks like a very different piece.

It belongs in my French fashion folder because of this versatility. The concept of working with what you have is the essence of French style.

french fashion 0433   french fashion 0434

The simplicity of this outfit adds to its' stylish nature. In my opinion, overdoing something with accessories  or colours always takes away from style.

I think it's innate. Whenever I think about an outfit, I can always pick my hair and makeup to match with it and I know it will look good. I don't know how I know.

French fashion is kind of like that. It's style and taste that can't be copied or bought at the corner H&M. You either have it, or you don't.

french fashion 0437 french fashion 0436


Bag: Chanel -- found here and here, similar here

Plain gold chain: found here, here

Initial necklace -- similar here and here

french fashion 0432

I hope you all stay safe, spread positivity, and have a great week!