Flower Power

The Flower Power trend: Floral headbands and bright dresses

okay, okay, I am definitely no hippie or hipster or boho, or any combination or portion of those words :P

but for some reason these past few weeks I've been really happy, and skippy, and jumpy, so I thought I'd lean in to this Flower Power trend. It's all bright color dresses and floral headbands, which is kind of how I feel right now.

flower power


The headband looks a little bright, but it's paler in person (and paler still with a filter :D ). To be honest, I'd probably only wear this once, maybe to some kind of garden party, but that's pretty much it. I can't see myself rocking this flower power thing in Manolos, can you?

flower power-5


I see this dress working really well as a summertime cocktail dress. Something where semi-formal wear is required. It's double layered, silk, and looks nice enough to wear to an event like that while still maintaining a summery feel.

I'm wearing my trusty Manolo slingbacks in this photo, but I have a pair of lace Elizabeth and James pumps that I will probably wear with this instead. It just seems better matched to this dress. And of course the current trend: lace up pointed toe pump. I like a black shoe here because it is unexpected, and it makes the outfit less super duper trendy ;) Rememeber, we're just leaning in to this Flower Power thing.

Without the floral crown, the dress loses some of that hipster-y feel and becomes something you could easily find at a country club.

flower power-2

It's Alice and Olivia, and mine is actually four years old :P

But it was so popular that they brought it back every year since then..so finally I bring you a blog with something that is actually in stores now! Not 'similar here' hehehe :D (but I do have some similar options if you want a more covered up version)

flower power-8


Don't be scared of this color! It seems alarmingly bright, but it works with my insanely pale skin (yes, I actually have a tan in these photos). In general, the paler one is, the less colors they can wear, but this dress works. It catches the slight olive tint in my skin and brings it out, making me look like I just came back from a tropical vacation. If you have darker skin, you can wear a peachier, lighter tone (which makes me sooo jealous!)

Dress: Alice + Olivia Fierra dress -- similar here, here, and here

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik -- similar here, or here

Flower crown: Forever21

Lipstick: Viva Glam III

Peace, Love, and Flowers!