festival dressing

festival dressing 0578 This look says 'I want to look casual, but I'm also fancy.'

I'm not much of a festival goer. Mainly because I like to wear high heels, and the last time I wore heels in grass was my high school graduation. Which was SOME time ago, lets just say that.

I don't like the crowds or lines either, I'd much rather sit in a small club and listen to some jazz. I also don't drink, and I honestly think Coachella is just another place to get drunk for some people.

It's definitely a must-try though. I was at Coachella festival in 1999, in a VW van, with my mom. Now THAT'S real hipster status.

festival dressing 0580        festival dressing 0576

I like matching shorts and a top, because it looks like a one-piece. This cute jumpsuit is the ideal Coachella outfit.

festival dressing 0575

Silk tank top, also found here and here. This Phillip Lim tank is perfect for tucking into shorts, and this St. John long hem top adds some sophistication to festival dressing.

festival dressing 0579

Drawstring white shorts: similar here. A button up version looks more sophisticated and polished. Lace is a must for festival dressing, so these are perfect, as are these from McQueen.

festival dressing 0577


Flat shoes, a necessity at a festival, would make this outfit too casual for my taste.

Suede high heels boots, here from Tom Ford, here by Alexandre Birman. These Gianvitto booties are lower and wider heeled, so they'll be easier to walk in. And these Rag&Bone are festival perfection!

festival dressing 0584

Accessories: Ferragamo clutch, found here and here.

I couldn't decide what earrings to wear, the twig ones (also here), or these smokey quartz studs.

Feather House of Harlow ring, feather wrap ring, and a top of finger ring (similar here)


If you go to a festival this summer, I hope you have a good time, I'll be home doing some reading ;) ;)

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