feeling nostalgic

I spent a large part of yesterday looking through my old livejournal posts (do you remember that?) and feeling nostalgic for my college days. There was a lot of drama and chaos, but also a lot of fashion. So I've been reminiscing about fashion choices past. My decisions back then consisted mostly of consuming rather than genuine fashion. I worked at Abercrombie and spent whole paychecks on whatever was hanging on the mannequins in the store.

feeling nostalgic 1075

You probably wouldn't think of me as an Abercrombie model (that's what they call sales people) now, but back then I was all about the denim mini skirt and cowboy boots. Oh how times have changed!

I was also blonde... but that's neither here nor there ;P ;P

feeling nostalgic 1078

I'm wearing a Vince sweater (consignment here), which is always my favourite designer for sweaters. Again, I can get away with a lighter top, like this one, because of how warm it has been. This Equipment sweater is another great choice for warmer weather. But for the cold, I prefer a thicker version, like this one.

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I don't think I owned a single black item of clothing in those days. These leggings would definitely be a surprise to 20-year-old me. But leather leggings really took off shortly thereafter, and I haven't looked back since.

I love these Paige Denim pants too, they look like real leather pants. And these leggings are great, with cutouts to make them stand out.

feeling nostalgic 1076

Another concept I'm feeling nostalgic for: wearing UGGs and flip-flops year-round (not at the same time)!

I think my first sorority formal I actually wore my high school prom shoes, those were the only ones I had. That just makes me laugh now.

Spending over seven hundred dollars on these Manolo Chaos was completely out of the question! But these BP sandals would be a much better choice.

Now that I know more about designers and quality, I would go for these Tory Burch sandals, and these Givenchy heels are even better!

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I love to go back and read my blogs from years ago. Feeling nostalgic about the past and what life was like back then really makes me appreciate everything I have today and how much I've changed!


Have a great weekend everybody!