Father's Day

fathers day 0885 Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

It may come as a surprise, but a lot of what I know about choosing outfits, DIY, and sewing I learned from my dad.

He was a fashion guru, and before I was born, him and my mom had their own fashion line, 'Gold Digger.' No hints on how they came up with that name ;P

fathers day 0889

I was always the best and most uniquely dressed, because my dad sewed most of my clothes.

He was a huge fan of repurposing old clothes, which is something I post a lot about on this blog.

Maybe it had something to do with living in Russia, where fashion wasn't a big thing, and variety was even less important, my dad tended to recycle so much of our clothing. It's something I love doing to this day. Taking an old dress and making it into a cool top.

fathers day 0888

This Donna Mizani dress might not seem ideal for Father's Day, but since he was a fashionista, he would have appreciated an LBD. This dress with a flounce skirt is a great option for Father's Day.

I'd never pass up an opportunity to plug 'the perfect LBD' like this Donna Mizani dress. This dress with cutouts is also great for a dinner night out.

fathers day 0887

fathers day 0886

Ralph Lauren shopper tote Ralph Lauren Charleston shopper

Another thing my dad taught me is quality over quantity. I carry this Ralph Lauren bag all the time because it's great quality, and who needs a hundred different black bags?? ;P

fathers day 0883

fathers day 0884

Michael Kors lace up sandals Isabel Marant sandal Aquazzura sandals Michael Kors thin strap laceups

fathers day 0882


Druzy crystal ring Plain gold ring set Chanel earrings Chanel vintage studs

fathers day 0881


We didn't have the best relationship, but I'm grateful for everything my dad taught me. It's knowledge I use everyday!


Have a great weekend guys!