fast fashion

There's been an ongoing argument about the effects of fast fashion on the industry. Some people say it brings style and individuality to people who wouldn't normally be able to afford it. Others say it causes inflation, unsafe working conditions, and the inevitable decline of the fashion industry. I think it's obvious what side I'm on :))

Fast fashion refers to the high-street brands like Topshop, H&M, Zara. Stores that can be found in any major city, any major mall, pretty much everywhere. Just like fast food, it's fast, cheap, and easy.

I like to put together outfits that seem easy, but would not be easy to copy with just anything from H&M.

fast fashion 0410

Outfit Details:

Jeans: J Brand -- also found here, here, and here

Top: La Fee Verte -- similar here, here and here

Shoes: Manolo Blahnik consignment from TheRealReal -- similar here, here

Earrings: House of Harlow -- similar here, here 



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My biggest qualm about fast fashion stores is that they encourage consumerism. They stock all the latest "trends" and at such low prices, it's hard not to buy them just for the season. The problem is, buying that much stuff leads to a ton of things hanging around your closet that you don't need. It also stifles creativity. Because we end up buying instead of looking at the things we already have and figuring out new ways to wear them.

I love the experience of standing in front of my closet and working out new outfits with what I already have.


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I know it might seem like a I have a lot of clothes (and it's true), but it has taken me about six years to amass my entire collection. And I've made mistakes, buying things I don't want or need. But overall, I never bought something JUST because it was trendy, and I never ever buy anything I can't afford.

The biggest problem is money. High quality clothing is expensive, and a lot of people turn to fast fashion because of this.

In the end, I think we end up spending more money because we are constantly buying things. I always try to shop sales, and if I see that I can't afford something, I save and wait until I can. In the end it makes what I bought myself so worth it.


fast fashion 0412

I think avoiding fast fashion is a lifestyle choice. It's not just about not shopping at high street stores, or saving for one designer item. It's the belief that fashion is art, and when we wear it we represent in some small way the artist who made our clothes.

That attitude cultivates respect for the designer and the people who make our clothes.


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Fast fashion creates a consumerist nation. Where nothing matters beyond buying power and instant gratification. In our modern-day society we are already plagued by the desire for newer, and faster things. Just look at any new technology.

While the new, shiny thing might make you happy for a minute, it is fleeting. What will make us happy in the long run is developing our creativity and surrounding ourselves with beauty (at least that is my opinion).


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When I was at university, one of my professors said, "This is you passion, I expect you to work for it." I took that motto with me after graduation. I see fashion as art, and I approach it with the same reverence I might a Picasso painting.

It might sound silly to some, but to me fast fashion is the antithesis of art. Consumerism is the antithesis of real fashion.