Thanks for visiting my fashion bluurgg. This is my attempt at a fashion post..methinks I've done a decent job so far.

Straight from my studio...just kidding, my apartment (although it pretty much is a studio since I do everything here).

This is just a simple ol' shorts and t-shirt, but mixed in with a minimalist sandal and statement necklace. The silk t-shirt and heels make this outfit less "I just rolled out of bed," a look I personally hate. Any casual outfit can still look good..even if you're just running errands.

It has been incredibly hot here and we all needed something cool to wear..

Abercrombie shorts (similar here). Joie silk tee (similar here).

Most everything I wear is no longer for sale, but the key is: simple basics will never go out of style. And no high-waist shorts for me. nope nope

The accessories: Jules Smith choker (similar here). I forgot who the ring is by :(

Marc Jacobs bag (similar here, or here for a MARC by Marc Jacobs version)