fashion roots

My fashion roots go way back in my family. My grandfather was an apparel merchandiser and my dad sewed all my clothes when I was little. It always makes me so grateful to have this background in fashion. In college, I decided to study apparel merchandising with an emphasis on textiles. Everyone in my family laughed then, and said it's hereditary.

In my current style I try to pay homage to my fashion roots as much as possible.

fashion roots 1

In high school, I studied French, and our teacher had a woman come in who worked in fashion in Paris. The purpose of her visit was to tell us what life is like living and working in Paris, but all I remember is her unbuttoned trench coat and long black blazer underneath.

She spoke about working in France and the differences between French and American fashion, and I was hooked.

Family ties aside, my personal fashion roots took hold then.

fashion roots 2

I want to dress today in a way that resonates with that I learned back then. Quality is important, and classics remain in style forever.

My jacket is Elizabeth and James, here in tan. This blazer is one of my favorites because of the sleeve lining. Just rolling down the sleeves can turn it into a different outfit.


fashion roots 5

The blazer jacket is a classic, but I also love this one as it's more like a coat. I've been looking for a jacket I can wear outside and not have to take off when I go inside. This one is perfect for that.


fashion roots 3

My bag is not Celine or YSL like most fashion bloggers. I don't like doing something just because someone else wore it. Those Givenchy bags are so expensive and I see no reason to spend a ton of money on a trend.

This bag is Ralph Lauren, I got it to replace another bag I had for years. I love this bag too, it looks exactly like the bag I replaced. Ralph Lauren is a designer I can justify spending a lot of money on. These bags are classic, and the quality lasts forever

I wanted a leather bracelet that matched the cuff on the jacket, like this Valentino. These Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga leather bracelets are perfect as well.

My watch is Marc Jacobs, similar here, here, and here.

fashion roots 8   fashion roots 9

A long blazer is my favorite to wear with a mini skirt. There's something so cool about a jacket that looks like a dress from the back.

This blazer is a bit shorter but still on the long side as far as blazers go.


fashion roots 4

A plain black mini skirt is another item that has an important place in fashion. While I like something more simple, like this skirt, it can be cool to have a more stylized one, like this Jacquard print skirt.

I also love Halston Heritage, and this skirt is simple, with vented sides to stand out from the rest.

I went with the classic Gucci bamboo heel for my shoes. If you like the sling back look too, check out these Louboutins and Jimmy Choos.

fashion roots 6

While studying fashion in college, my style was nothing like this, I was in head to toe Abercrombie. My fellow students were all more concerned with trends and celebrities.

As time went on, I wanted to develop my personal style, and realized my taste was very expensive. I've been lucky enough to like things that are fashion staples, so that I can wear them for years and years.

fashion roots 7

My grandpa always used to be able to tell the quality of an item right away. He could say how much something cost, what it's worth, and how much it should cost. He never taught me how to do this, but I think it's innate. I'm really proud to have my fashion roots go back so far in my family. And I'm happy to share my knowledge with you :))