Dwan Gallery -- Art Of The Day


Dwan Gallery -- Art Of The Day

Today's art of the day post is coming to you from the Dwan Gallery exhibit now at LACMA.

dwan gallery lacma art of the day avant garde la

This LA gallery opened in the 60s and was the home of the avant-garde art movement in Los Angeles. This woman amassed a huge collection of minimalist art and conceptual art, which was very new at the time. The above photo of a mirror installation at the entrance of the exhibit is an example of the conceptual art featured within.

Dwan was a big fan of the French Nouveau Realisme movement, and a lot of that art is shown in this exhibit. I am not very familiar with this movement, so it was extremely interesting to see and learn about this artists. It's also amazing to see the Dwan Gallery as it was in the 1960s.

Sorry about the vertical filming :PP Make sure you check this exhibit out!