what is dressing sexy?

Since I was young (like 20, lol) I was always uncomfortable wearing slutty dresses. I was out at clubs wearing pants and boots. I never had an issue dressing sexy. I never wore anything revealing, I had a couple of tops from forever21 that I would pull down low to make into a dress, but even those didn't look slutty on me. I started thinking about this again recently, when someone told me my style was very sexy. I was just wearing pants and a loose shirt!

So what is dressing sexy?

To me, it has always been wearing something that you feel good in.

Whenever I have a date, or go to meet a guy I like, I try to wear something I feel good in. It's not always the latest trend, but it is something that I feel sexy in; that is the most important.

dressing sexy 78


I chose this particular outfit because, yes, I feel good in it. But also because I feel it has some elements that are key to dressing sexy.

Obviously, if I feel good in sweatpants, it would be a bit of challenge to make that look sexy (not impossible, but harder)!

The shiny, silk top is one such element. The fabric is soft and luxurious, and kind of looks like some old-school sleepwear.

dressing sexy 771

This top is Joie, my favorite designer for all silk tops. They have really high quality silk, and it lasts forever. Another thing that makes this top an option for 'dressing sexy' is the boat neck. It shows off just enough collar-bone and shoulder, which in my opinion trumps cleavage every time. Obvious is never sexy.

I love this Joie lace top, it has all the qualifications, plus some sheer lace. I also really like this GoSilk top, it is also boat neck, but has a sheer inset at the neckline. And it's on sale!

This CodaBelle top is another great choice, it's awesome because it's a crop top, so it is on trend, but it's also boat neck and loose-fitting, making it a perfect choice for a high waist black mini.


dressing sexy 751


A little red lipstick also never hurt when dressing sexy. This one is Ruby Woo by MAC. The red lip is something that has been around for generations as a killer beauty move. I recommend going with the matte so you don't have to reapply it 24/7. Also the red makes your teeth whiter ;)

I chose a simple statement necklace as my only jewelry. Check out this choker as well; and I love this one by Michael Kors.

dressing sexy 761


I paired this top with a plain black mini. This bandage skirt from BCBG is the perfect staple miniskirt to have in your closet. Also check out this one, and this one for a much lower price.

I like to wear a miniskirt with a loose-fitting top because they make up for each others' differences. The short, tight skirt is off-set by the bigger top, and vice versa. I'm sure there is an official name for this 'phenomenon,' but I like to call it 'killing em softly.'

What I mean by that is it's not an outright slaying -- showing off a lot of leg, your tiny waist, AND cleavage. It leaves something to the imagination.

dressing sexy 79


Showing off your legs always adds to dressing sexy and it is my go-to when going on a date. I chose to wear tan shoes because they blend with my skin color, elongating my legs.

The simple, pointed toe Manolo Blahnik is easy to walk in, and not too complicated. Also, it is a classic, so it will get a lot of wear. I love this pump as well, as it is much less expensive (hey, frugal is sexy)!

This D'orsay pump is also a great choice, it is sexy, and very in style right now.

dressing sexy 80


Basically, dressing sexy is never about showing off your body. That might give off the appearance that you're hot, but it never has a successful outcome. I find that women (and men!) look the most sexy when they feel that way inside.

So wear what you feel sexiest in, and others will be sure to agree!