don't go chasing waterfalls

Or maybe do chase waterfalls, because they're just so flattering. At least the tops are ;) ;)

waterfalls 0578

The best thing about this top is that it's size large, but because of the waterfall hem, it doesn't seem so huge. You literally would never guess that it's two sizes too big

It's the Robert Rodriguez top (here in orange). It's a really luxurious silk fabric, and I don't wear it that often because I really didn't know what to wear it with. The answer was obviously Prada shoes.

waterfalls 0572  waterfalls 0574

The contrast between the drape of the waterfall hem and the highly structured shoes looks really cool. It adds an edge that I didn't expect to this outfit.

waterfalls 0573

I love the long layers of this Robert Rodriguez top as well. But the asymmetrical drape of this MM6 blouse is probably my favorite. The contrast between the waterfall drape and the cut off edge is a play on the relationship between softness and hardness. It's a real work of art.

This Eileen Fisher top is a great option if the frills are just too much, as is this top. But if you like structure and drama, you have to check out this Victoria Beckham top.

waterfalls 0579

With all the details in the shoes and top, I needed to keep my pants simple. I'm wearing Gap ultra skinny pants, my go-to for any black pants.

I love Gap pants, but they just don't work for some people. The Vince ski pants are another great option, and fantastic quality (I don't know why they're called ski pants).

Also check out these cropped Vince pants. If you're short like me, they would work great as regular length pants as well.

waterfalls 0576  waterfalls 0575

I actually don't agree with this slogan 'don't go chasing waterfalls.' I think it refers to sticking to what you know and avoiding risk.

I think we should all chase waterfalls, and take risks; that is the only way to grow. Worst case scenario is, you learn something new about yourself and what you are capable of.

As far as fashion and style goes, chasing waterfalls is a must! Think about all the styles we would miss out on if we never took a risk with our clothes.

waterfalls 0577

I'm not necessarily saying this outfit is a risk, but it contains two pieces that are in direct juxtaposition with each other. The shoes say drama, but the top is sweet and delicate. Together, they create a mix that is anything but traditional.

That's just about as much risk as I can handle ;)

waterfalls 0571

I got these Prada shoes as a birthday present to myself (I also bought Saint Laurent and Manolo boots, but who's counting). The color is called granata and it seemed like a burgundy color, but actually was more pomegranate, which, coincidentally, is my favorite fruit!

This is the only shoe I have that has the thick heel and platform. I love the look of a pointed toe pump with a thick heel, like this one. But I also love the traditional round toe platform, like these shoes. With the 70s styles that are making it back in, those shoes are perfect!

I also love the gold 'Prada' logo on the sole; that will always be in style ;)