DIY lace-up bodysuit

diy lace-up bodysuit 0921 As you may have noticed from my last post, I've had a major DIY insurgence in my closet. I want new clothes, but don't want to spend the money! This lace-up bodysuit is a perfect way to make your wardrobe more current.

This time, I have the step-by-step of how I made mine.

The only thing I had to buy was the eyelet puncher. It was $4.97 from Home Depot.

diy lace-up bodysuit 0362  diy lace-up bodysuit 0926

The first step is to lay out your body suit (you can get those at any dance warehouse for very cheap). And mark it down the center where you will cut it. Also mark where the holes will go. I chose to make eight holes close together to really exaggerate the lace-up portion. I added another hole at the very top after I was finished, because it just looked like it was gaping too much.

Measure the holes to make sure they are the same distance apart from each other and from the center (you can see where I messed up on the third hole on the left).

diy lace-up bodysuit 0363

The next step is to make the actual holes. Do this before cutting anything, as the fabric can get away from you. Once a few holes have been made, you can cut along the center to make it easier to set the eyelets.

This was one of the more labour-intensive DIY's I have ever done. Make a tiny hole with scissors if you are using a stretchy, knit fabric. Then following the instructions on the package, use the pliers to set the eyelet in the hole.

diy lace-up bodysuit 0364  diy lace-up bodysuit 0365

And finally, you can pin the raw edge and sew it up either by hand or on a sewing machine. In retrospect, it might have been better to set the eyelets further from the center. I would have had a bigger lace-up gap. Although I'm still happy with the way it turned out.

diy lace-up bodysuit 0359

I used the piping that I took off some old drapes as my lace :P

But you can use a thin piece of fabric, rope, long shoelaces, virtually anything that will fit through the hole.

diy lace-up bodysuit 0923

It looks just as good as anything I would find in a store. A homeless man even said he's taking a picture of me with his mind. So it was a huge hit!

diy lace-up bodysuit 0918        diy lace-up bodysuit 0920

With the mini skirt I thought the outfit might be just a bit too revealing. I threw on this jacket for the cooler evening.

Elizabeth and James long blazer Elizabeth and James ruched sleeve blazer EJ stretch blazer Joseph Laurent blazer Misguided long jacket

diy lace-up bodysuit 0922

I went with the Ferragamo bag again. It's very classic and sophisticated, a perfect match to a lace-up bodysuit and mini skirt ;)

Ferragamo clutch Ferragamo foldover bag

diy lace-up bodysuit 0925

I love the super low back on this bodysuit, and I didn't want it to just go to waste.

If you don't want to sew, or torture your hands with the eyelet tool, here are some bodysuits to check out.

Nordstrom tank top bodysuit Missguided laceup tank Missguided long sleeve bodysuit Missguided lace-up suit Alexander Wang long sleeve bodysuit

diy lace-up bodysuit 0919

I was able to sneak in wearing some boots before it got too hot for the summer.

Christian Louboutin Babel boots Louboutin Fifibotta Manolo Blahnik boots Christian Louboutin suede boots

diy lace-up bodysuit 0924

At first I thought about wearing a leather mini skirt, but thought that might be a bit much, especially in the summer.

BCBG bandage mini skirt Valentino RED mini See by Chloe skirt

Happy Monday and have a great week!