DIY culottes


Finally Giving In To The Trend With DIY Culottes

I never had the desire to wear culottes. I always thought they made me look huge and stumpy at the same time. But I found a way to make it work: DIY culottes made out of old flared jeans.

diy culottes 2

Another trend I've seen with jeans is the uneven hem, and I thought, 'maybe I can kill two birds with one stone.' So I took an old pair of J Brand jeans that were way too long for me even with the two-inch cuff I already had on there, and cut them into these mid-calf DIY culottes.

diy culottes 4

I know they're not exactly the traditional culottes, but I like this version even better, probably because I used something in my closet!

I love J Brand jeans for their fit, but the length can be a bit of a problem for us shorter girls, thats why DIY culottes are perfect, but these cropped versions would look great as well.

diy culottes 5

I haven't given enough credit to the amazing shirts by Joie. I love their plain black tops to go with my DIY culottes. They have some of the best quality silk on the market.

diy culottes 3



diy culottes 1)

Since these are DIY culottes, I wanted to add some nicer accessories, so I went with my Chanel bag, similar here, and here.


diy culottes 6

I thought it would be cute to have some furry shoes peaking out from under flared pants. These are yet another DIY item from my closet, inspired by these 'Wild Russian' Aquazzuras -- named for me, obviously ;))

I hope you all had an amazing holiday, and have some incredible plans for the new year!