DIY cross front top

DIY Cross Front Top

YSL into the future

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As you may have noticed, I've been wearing crop tops a lot lately. I never thought I'd like this trend as much as I do.

This DIY cross front top is just another spin on the crop tops I love. The cross gives it an upside down V shape, that is a great way for me to make my short upper body look more proportional!

I got this tutorial from a pair & a spare, but I didn't read it thoroughly ;)) so I ended up having to sew the crossed pieces together in the back since they were too short to tie. You can do that as well, or use a longer tank or dress.

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It's a pretty simple DIY that doesn't require any sewing if you do it right! Geneva gives great step by step instructions. Something I unfortunately didn't photograph while working on mine.

The end result turned out great, and looks just as professional, if not more so, than a forever21 crop top.

These Missguided tops were the inspiration:

Buckle detail wrap top Bandage crop top Wrapover crop top

I also love this Alexander Wang crop top, the criss cross is in the straps, which is also a great look. Finally, this ASOS top is another simple option if you don't feel like making your own.

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The DIY cross front top also allowed me to bring my YSL pants into the future.

I got these slacks vintage in 2007, right after St. Laurent passed away. The small crop top calls for some menswear structured slacks, and these were just right.

YSL vinage trouser (similar here) St. Laurent grain de poudre pants St. Laurent high waist pants

They just don't make them like the vintage YSL pants anymore. But these Akris pants would be a great fit here. Halston is one of my favorite designers, and their high waist pants with a leather waistband are amazing. Of course, Vince is another great designer for some minimalist black pants.

diy cross front top 0060 diy cross front top 0058

These pants are actually a very dark brown, or even a grayish black. I wouldn't normally wear so much black, but the pants offset that a little bit.

Ferragamo Camy clutch Ferragamo May bag

diy cross front top 0061

I've been seeing a lot of celebrities wear the menswear inspired trouser with some Mary Jane shoes. I really like this look, especially since it gives me a chance to wear the Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes I've had for years. Yes, the ones from Sex and the City ;)

Since then, these classic shoes have gotten a bit of a makeover. The heel is narrower and the strap is thinner, in this modern version. However, Manolo hasn't abandoned the classic style either. diy cross front top 0064

I absolutely loved this DIY cross front top, and have been wearing it a lot!

Do you have any DIY pieces you just love? Leave me a comment with your fave!