DIY blazer vest


DIY Blazer Vest

If you remember, my last fashion post was about renewing your wardrobe in simple ways. This DIY blazer vest is one of the items I made to finally catch on to this trend!

diy blazer vest 447

I was so excited to wear this blazer vest mainly because it's DIY. It wasn't too hard to do, if you remember from my DIY post, I just used a seam ripper to cut the sleeves off right at the shoulder. If it's a good jacket, it will have shoulder pads so it will still maintain its' structure. Then, I just pinned the arm hole down and sewed it up!


diy blazer vest 449

I think it looks very similar to any blazer vest I would buy in a store.

diy blazer vest 443

If you don't feel like sewing, there are tons of great options out there. This Givenchy is obviously a favourite, but this Michael Kors is probably more affordable.

I also love this long Alexander Wang wool vest, which is better for winter. For summer, this Maison Margiela satin vest is a better fabric. This vest is another great option in a shorter length.

diy blazer vest 444

For the top, I went with a simple white silk tank. I think the silk makes this outfit look chic with just the leggings and a blazer vest.

Joie Alicia tank

Rag & Bone silk tank

Vince cotton/silk blend tank

Caroline Rose silk crepe top

diy blazer vest 448

My pants are plain Forever21 leggings. I have to say I'm glad that it's now a trend to wear these as pants! I go through about two a year, which I'd say is pretty good for Forever21! Here are some better quality pants that I'll want to invest in one of these days:

Joseph Cotton leggings

Rag & Bone leggings

Theory pull on leggings.


diy blazer vest 446 diy blazer vest 442

Finally! I'm getting to wear my Dior t-strap sandals! Did I mention these are really uncomfortable? Hopefully these Tom Ford ones are better. I love t-strap sandals and am so glad they're back in. These Gianvitto Rossi are gorgeous, and I love the fur on these Manolos! These sandals from Nordstrom are a more affordable option.

For my bag, I went with a simple shopper. I think it helps keep this look classic even though it's paired with some plain leggings.

Prada small tote

Burberry shopper

Ralph Lauren patent leather shopper

diy blazer vest 445

If you remember yesterday's post, I talked about investing in classic jewelry that will stay in style forever. This gold chain is a perfect example of something that you will get a ton of use out of, because it's never going to go out of style! I also wore a few plain gold bangles; another key investment for your jewelry collection.


What do you guys think about this blazer? Would you try something like this?