Designer shoes and their dupes

Designer Shoes And Their Dupes

What Is Worth Buying?

I am a huge fan of buying real, quality, designer shoes. But there are times when the shoe is so trendy, it goes out of style shortly. Is it worth it then to get their dupe?

designer shoes 0198

Now before we talk about copyrights and stealing designs, I just want to add that many designers copy each other. And even the big names in designer shoes like YSL and Christian Louboutin  have been accused of copying each other.

I often recommend a dupe from BP Nordstrom for the Manolo Blank Chaos. I don't think anything is wrong with that. The real problem lies in knockoffs, shoes that are passed off as designer and have the designer's label on them.designer shoes 0193

My shoes are the Ivanka Trump Hettie -- here in black and here in gold.

As you can see, they're very similar to the Aquazurra originals. I bought these on sale, because I just couldn't even think about paying full price (or even sale!) for the designer shoes. Normally, I'd visit sites like The Real Real, and try to find something similar pre-owned. But due to the popularity of these shoes, they're nowhere to be found.

I always advise people not to buy very recognizable designer shoes. One example is the Valentino rock studs. EVERYONE has those! Hence, in a few years they will look very dated, and we'll regret spending thousands of dollars on them.

designer shoes 0190

I don't ordinarily ever buy anything that can "pass for" the original designer shoes. I would be way too embarrassed if someone ever asked me if they're originals and I'd have to say no!

While wearing these, I realized I'm overreacting. The majority of people out there in the world don't know or care about designer this or that. They just see cute shoes and compliment me!

Aquazurra originals Steve Madden dupe Steve Madden similar flat

The dupes are worth it in this case, just because when (or if) these sandals go out of style, you won't regret spending too much money on them!

designer shoes 0195

Since the shoes were the focal point in my look, I kept the rest of the outfit to a simple black and white.

Missguided frill top Anna October frilly top Phillip Lim silk tank H&M drape top

designer shoes 0189


designer shoes 0192

My skirt is the bandage skirt I just bought recently, form Missguided. Some might argue that it's a knockoff of this BCBG mini ;)

The bandage mini is such a popular look that it is ridiculous to say one is knock off. More importantly, they're flattering and will remain classics. I love these asymmetrical ones too: from Missguided and T by Alexander Wang.

designer shoes 0194

Jewelry and Accessories

designer shoes 0191

Finally, I finished the look off with a Marc Jacobs bag and some gold rings.

Marc Jacobs quilted bag Gold strap Marc Jacobs bag Red Marc Jacobs bag (perfect with the red shoes)

 Check out this ring from Madewell, and this awesome ring set from Gorjana!



I hope I helped you make some decisions about your designer shoes!

Do you usually choose designer or go for the dupe?