denim sundays

Over the past five months I did a major clean/redecoration thing at my house. I had so much clothes I never wore that I donated or sold about 20 bags. One of the biggest culprits of my messy closet was jeans. There were actually two identical pairs, one with tags that I bought "in case" the other pair ripped. They were my favorite. (I kept the ones with the tags).

I got rid of probably ten pairs of jeans. And kept in my closet only what I would consider denim. It just sounds more mature.

denim sundays-2

I chose to keep these J brand jeans because they're super thick, not faded, and definitely not jeggings. In keeping with my constant 'classics only' mantra, I gave away all my jeans with holes, and anything that wasn't a sturdy, dark denim.

denim sundays-3

In order to look polished, the denim should fit well, but not too tight, and hang well. Clearly, this is a 'do as I say, not as I do' type of situation :P

The best way to achieve that is (obviously) to get a pair in the right size, and I like the kind that have a bit of an open leg at the bottom, or like these Stella McCartney jeans: zippers.


denim sundays


I like J brand because they make the skinny fit work on my body. I don't have too much experience with other brands, because I don't wear denim that often to begin with. I can't vouch for Levi's or others, but if you stick with a dark wash and slim fit, like these, you can't go wrong!

The dark denim is chic and even though they're just jeans, still looks sophisticated. denim sundays-5


I wanted to do a simple casual sunday look, so I went with a plain black Joie Alicia tank. Their silk is impeccable! I also love this Equipment top, they also have some of the best fabric on the market. And for that price, it's a steal.

In the interest of standing out in casual outfits, I love this Rag&Bone sheer 'illusion' top. Sounds fancy. Also check out this Rag&Bone plain tank, it has just a bit of sheer detail around the arms, and isn't too revealing.

denim sundays-4

I chose to wear my Elizabeth and James lace fabric heels. I hope  it's easy to see, they are black leather, covered in a sheer lace. These Manolos are similar, and even better because you can actually tell they're lace ;)

Denim sundays - shoes

I love the lace heels for a summer shoe, and with denim the heels take some edge off. Also it of course adds an interesting element to any outfit (try these pumps in a lower price point).

I chose some plain twist earring as my only jewelry, there's some similar ones here and here. And these are similar as well, but more of a hoop style. I wanted to look effortless, and the best way to do that is by leaving some accessories off.


I hope you all have a good week!