date night for the grown up lady

When I was a kid, I had a mental picture of what I would look like when I "grew up." And I kid you not, this picture is exactly it!

I always pictured my hair this way, and wearing some smart pants and heels...always heels.


I constantly find articles about "What to Wear on a Date Night" so I think it's best to have a preemptive outfit ready. Something that fits great and you feel comfortable in.

I think this outfit says "I'm a grown up business lady and I am coming straight from work to this date..I just changed my top because I kinda like you."

But all jokes aside, these YSL pants are magic. They fit like they were made for me, I didn't need to shorten the hem (which I usually have to do), and I don't need a belt either. I bought them at Wasteland on Melrose 2 days after Yves Saint Lauren passed away. I assumed his clothing would shoot up in value, so I scooped these up. It was fate. Trends will come and go, but these classic things are forever.

They're actually a brownish-gray color, so they're perfect to wear with a black top as it doesn't look like you're wearing all black.

This might not look like a typical date outfit but I think good fit (especially on a first date) is incomparable. Plus this La Fee Verte top is sheer (similar here), so I always get guy compliments when I wear it.

I chose very simple, minimalist accessories: plain gold choker, my mom's wedding band, Linea Pelle collar bracelet (similar here; an incredible price for Fendi), and Chanel studs (similar here).

I wanted to add some color, so I chose this Foley + Corinna leopard print bag (similar here). It's so cute and little, but still fits all my stuff!