cut-offs and louboutins

There's something I love about an old, worn in pair of cut-offs paired with high-heeled Louboutins. I think it's the mix of casual and sexy that I always try to achieve. Now that it's been unbearably hot, this outfit is just perfect

cut-offs and louboutins

These old shorts are pretty much my favorite cut-offs right now. Or ever. I've had them for over a decade and they are so worn in and comfy that I can't imagine wearing anything else. I also love these Paige denim ones, they are a bit more covered up, but still great for a hot day. The cut-offs from Urban Outfitters are a great price as well.

cut-offs and louboutins-4

I am wearing my plain sheer silk tank with them because it's just too hot for a whole shirt ;)

Check out this Hanro silk tank, I know it's lingerie, but so is the top I'm wearing. Because it's 100% silk, it works well as a semi sheer top, especially in the summer.

I also love this Otte top, the scoop hem is just like my top (which is La Fee Verte). The hem gives the tank a flowy look, and it's especially great worn untucked with leggings or pants all year round.

This BCBG top is another great option that comes with a tank inside so it's a bit more covered up. And it's on sale!

cut-offs and louboutins-5

And of course, my piece de resistance, Christian Louboutin gladiator booties. I know that boots with cut-offs in the summer is not season appropriate and definitely goes against some of the other things I've said, but come on, look at them.

cut-offs and louboutins ACC

Actually these shoes are often called sandal booties, and are more a summer shoe. At first it might look like these are impractical; the open toe is useless in winter, and the boot style is wrong for summer. But I think the opposite is true. The open toe is okay all seasons as long as it's not too cold (or raining/snowing). And it allows the shoe to pass as a summer shoe. So it's actually kind of like a two-fer.

cut-offs and louboutins-2

Unfortunately, my actual boots are no longer available, but these are very similar. I love these lace ones too, and they're an even better choice for summer!

I know those prices are outrageous, so check out these booties from Saks, on an insane sale! Also these booties are identical, but cost much less.

cut-offs and louboutins-6


And that is how I do cut-offs!

Hope you all stay cool out there, and have a great weekend! xo----