from trench coats to crop tops

Aaaaand it's hot again. So much for wearing trench coats...Now I'm back to crop tops. Now here's the thing, I don't think I can actually wear these. helmutlang_crop tops

Okay something's off about that right? I'm kinda thinking it's because I have a really short upper body...or maybe its because my stomach is like five shades lighter than the rest of my body hehe :D :D

I don't really know. I tried a different kind of top, but it still doesn't work. I love the back thought!

helmutlangback2_crop tops

I'm wearing a Helmut Lang skirt (I always want to call it Helmut Newton hehe), I searched for this skirt high and low! I really wanted a color skirt since nearly all of mine are black. But as far as crop tops go, I find that they look better if they match exactly with the skirt.

This Helmut Lang skirt is another really similar one, but it's a different, sturdier fabric. This Alice McCall skirt is the same color, and a really similar style too. And this Alexander Wang skirt is pretty cool, and really trendy right now.

My top is actually a bra ;) by Free People. They have them in every color. This bra is a little different, and might work better with a skirt..I should try it.

I also really wanted to wear my Vanessa Mooney body chain. That's my whole reasoning behind trying crop tops. And I topped it off with some bracelets (Ralph Lauren set)


I didn't want to just give up on this outfit..So I tried it with a different top. I think it looks much better

helmutlang2_crop tops

Check out some of these tops as well: Phillip Lim spaghetti strap tank, or this Haute Hippie chiffon top.

The back looks good too! Of course my Louboutins help! Try these similar ones, or these, whoa -fans self-

helmutlangback_crop tops

Hope these crop tops work out better for you! Thanks for reading!

xx --