Crop top and the wardrobe cluster

Adding A Crop Top To Your Wardrobe Cluster

I really wanted to share this crop top outfit with you from the wardrobe cluster. Some people might feel like a crop top is still one of those trendy items that's not for them. I know I said add only basics to your cluster, but this top paired with slacks looks like a great use of wardrobe essentials.

crop top 4

A year ago I wouldn't be caught dead in a crop top, but the trend won me over, and I started wearing them with high waist bottoms all the time. I think I was worried that this style wouldn't look good on me, since I have a short upper body. It's true that some tops might not work, but over all, you can get away with this trend with virtually any figure. I also love crop tops with really fitted bottoms because you don't have to worry about tucking them in ;)

crop top 1

Missguided bralet Missguided strap detail bralet Miguelina cropped lace top Milly sleeveless halter top

crop top 3

I cannot get enough of these YSL pants. They were such a great purchase and I highly recommend anyone to invest in a pair of these. Because they're so menswear-inspired, the crop top here is a perfect match.

Saint Laurent wool trousers Haider Ackermann high waist pants Etoile Isabel Marant wool pants

crop top 2

The wardrobe cluster might make you think 'it's just wearing all the same things.' But I think the different styles of outfits we can create from the cluster make all the individual items look different.

The roll top clutch was my choice for an evening bag. But here, with pants and a crop top it looks like an actual lunch bag I grabbed on my way out the door.

crop top 5

The black Manolo Blahnik sandals are my all time favorite shoes. They look great with every outfit and are really easy to walk in.

Manolo Blahnik Chaos Loeffler Randall scalloped sandal B.P. Luminate sandals

I was lucky to have anticipated the October weather correctly, which is great because I didn't choose a lot of outerwear for my wardrobe cluster. As the month winds down I'm looking forward to wearing all my other clothes again.

Do you guys think you'll try the wardrobe cluster life?