the cold shoulder

I wore this dress last weekend, and thought it would be great for a more edgy holiday party. Cold shoulder sweaters are usually tops or dresses with shoulder cutouts. I love that idea because it still keeps you warm while looking like a tank.

cold shoulder 0741

This is yet another sweater dress that is great around the holidays. It has sparkles and looks festive, but still maintains the look of an LBD.

This cashmere dress definitely has the edgy look down pat. For something a little more conservative, this dress is a great choice.

cold shoulder 0743

I love this dress, but unfortunately it's not around anymore, but this one is a cool choice if you like something shiny. I also love this sweater dress for a holiday party because of the red!

Not all cold shoulder dresses need to be sweaters though, and this one would look great for the holidays too! I love this silk Thakoon dress, and this Parker dress is a cold shoulder option for all seasons.

cold shoulder 0740  cold shoulder 0744

A couple of years ago I went to an ugly christmas sweater party and I absolutely hated it. I know it's supposed to be a joke and funny, but I never like to draw attention to myself in a negative way.

I wore this dress last week to an art show, and talked to an artist who said fashion, just like painting, is art. There's no difference between what he does on canvas, and what I do on my body. Fashion is a medium.

I think it's the opposite of vain, and in fact, very empowering to think of our bodies and what we wear on them as art.

cold shoulder 0735

Every part of planning an outfit can be seen as artistic. When choosing how to style my hair, I always think about what I'm wearing, and my makeup obviously goes to match with it.

I'm wearing MAC Viva Glam III lipstick, and earrings in smokey quartz to match ;)

Check out these awesome Judith Ripka studs, and these if you like a more teardrop shape.


cold shoulder 0737  cold shoulder 0736

I got these boots for myself for a birthday present. They're St. Laurent -- here they are secondhand -- which is how I got mine as well.

I just love buying designer items secondhand, thinking about the girl with the same size feet as me who wore them before. She's probably like my kindred spirit or something :P

cold shoulder 0739

I realized I have no chic ankle boots with a pointed toe. I have tall boots, but the heel is low, and they look a little dated. The lower heel look is making its' way back, however, like in these St. Laurent boots.

Wearing these boots all night last week was no small feat, so I definitely recommend these flat boots, which have the same strap detail.

cold shoulder 0742

But if you are a trooper, check out these boots. I love the plain, sleek look. The lack of additional details will keep them in style forever.

However, if edgy is your style, these St. Laurents are made for you.

Despite the discomfort, which I expected given the amount of standing we do at art shows, St. Laurent boots are great quality. Mine were purchased secondhand and they still were impeccable quality. The leather is smooth and supple, they are definitely worth their price.

cold shoulder 0738

Hope you all had a good week! I am definitely looking forward to a weekend of doing absolutely nothing ;)