Codinome Beija flor


Codinome Beija flor

"If someone calls you hummingbird in the street, do not answer. Only I should be allowed to call you that."

Although not technically a poem, the song of the day is Cazuza's Codinome Beija Flor, or Codename, Hummingbird.

codinome beija flor in english

The song, and especially the line above, always spoke to me because people have called me a hummingbird before. I mean, the similarities are uncanny. As the smallest bird, the hummingbird is always just a few hours from starving to death because its' metabolism is so fast. I have some experience in this area.

Cazuza's sentence structure and the way he wove these lyrics together is especially beautiful, I'll try my best to translate them.


'What's the point  of lying? Or pretend to forgive? What's the point of being friends The passion is gone. Love is a funny coincidence Our music will never play again

Why bother to figure out Our hidden intentions? The nectar we had between us Was slowly dissipated From flower to flower Amoung my enemies My hummingbird.

I protected your name out of love Using the codename 'hummingbird.' If someone calls you hummingbird in the street, do not answer, never

Only I should be allowed Into your icy ear Whisper secrets that will melt you. You dreamed while awake In a way so as not to feel the pain You would cry inside, But pour out a generous love

You would cry inside, But pour out a generous love.'


Ao my translation leaves something to be desired, but I hope the message is clear. I don't speak Portuguese that well, so I'm sorry for any mistakes I made. It's very difficult to translate Codinome Beija Flor because Cazuza's lyrics are very complex. Combined with the music, this song is one of the most beautiful I've ever heard. Please go and have a listen!