no, i'm not going to coachella

And I honestly can't think of a better time to be in LA. The traditional LA-speak for "I'm an hour and a half away" is actually: "I'll be there in about 20." But on Coachella weekend I can get from any point in Los Angeles to any other point in actually, realistically, truly, just 20 minutes. The reason I don't want to go to Coachella is because I actually have nothing to wear. All my clothes are too nice to be worn in the desert, getting spilled on and sweated on.

I know, I know, I'm missing out on some experiences, and it's not worth buying clothes or shoes if they are going to cause me to miss some things. (But I've actually been to Coachella...In 1996..with my a VW van).



I like the opportunity to dress nice, so I prefer events in nice places, with plenty of available seating ;)

I would wear the above outfit at Coachella if I was in a super VIP section and knew I didn't have to walk around too much..haha. But I do think this is a cute summer dress and can be worn at some festivals or concerts in the upcoming months.

I'm wearing the Amanda Uprichard silk dress -- here it is in a slightly longer version. Shoptiques has the same dress, but with straps, if you're more comfortable with that.

Audrina wore this same dress on The Hills at some point.

Singer22 has a similar version on an insane sale! It is also available in black, and it's a steal! It is 100 percent silk, and really good quality.

Bloomingdale's also has a similar dress in a brighter pink.



For accessories I chose a bunch of bracelets and big earrings (I like the big earrings when I have my hair the way I do in the photo).

Marc by Marc Jacobs leather bracelet, or try this Tory Burch one. Ralph Lauren bangle set (only 48 bucks!). I also added some crystal bangles -- like this one...and I kid you not, I did a spit take -- Givenchy! for 45 bucks?? But yeah, that is correct..where the hell have I been??

Here is another set for a great price, from Neiman Marcus this time. And finally, this House of Harlow bangle, one of my favorites in rose gold.

And since apparently Givenchy is so affordable, here are some earrings (29 dollars? yes please).


This is my inspiration collage for this outfit. I love the neckline on the Just Cavalli dress (top right). When I saw it, it reminded me of this dress I have. I think it could also work with a thin belt. The dress just below is Nina Ricci Spring 2015, worn with a short trench. I actually wore this dress with the trench and a big bag, then came home and saw this outfit was on the yeah I'm fashion-psychic. It is actually available for sale already here!! But maybe don't wear it to Coachella ;)