casual OOTD

Okay, let's be honest, if I posted an honest #OOTD, every day would be UGG slippers and an old cashmere sweater. But this outfit is my honest-to-God, casual OOTD.casual ootd 1040

I was just running some errands and doing some chores in this look.

I needed my big bag with me (Ralph Lauren) for all my things. I call it my big bag, but it is actually on the smaller end; a bigger version I'd recommend is this one. These bags are very sturdy and perfect for all my things.

casual ootd 1035    casual ootd 1038

Of course, every casual OOTD needs a pair of comfortable shoes. I notice this is the first time I'm wearing flats on the blog!

These are Miista, I couldn't find the gold capped version anymore, but I found this gold heel version, which is quite similar in silhouette. These brown ones are super cute too.

The medium heel is a good choice, as it adds height, but is still comfortable for everyday tasks. These Rag&Bone booties are perfect for that. I love these boots with the silver capped toe, perfect for everyday wear and a night out.

If you like a completely flat boot, these are great and very versatile. And these boots would be excellent for a casual OOTD or paired with a frilly dress.

casual ootd 1037

It might be a casual OOTD but it still needs a silk tank, we are not animals!

My usual Vince tank comes to the rescue once again (here it is on sale). This Equipment tank would work here as well. I sized up on my shirt (it's Large) because I wanted something I could wear as a tunic with leggings. This top is designed to be longer, for the same purpose. This Vince top is also great with leggings because of its sheer overlay.

My pants are just the basic four-dollar Forever21 leggings. I wear them so much at home and with my casual OOTD that I can justify buying from there. If you want a thicker fabric, try these as well.

Although more expensive, these Theory leggings are much better quality. And of course, Vince leggings, the perfect staple for every closet.

casual ootd 1039

I loved the marching band jackets Chrisophe Decarnin introduced at Balmain years ago. That was when I got this Juicy Couture jacket to emulate the style. I found a similar one here.

This Ralph Lauren jacket is another great military/marching band option. This Neiman Marcus jacket is absolutely perfect for a casual OOTD. It's cashmere so it is warm, and it's on sale!

casual ootd 1036

Yes, those are my books, I left them cropped in so you could all see how awesome I am. And also, I lift...check out those fives ;) ;)


Hope you all have a great weekend and ready for the NFL playoffs tomorrow!!