button up or button-down

I always hated the button-down shirt. Especially after I cut my hair, I thought it looked so boxy, and made me look like a stuffy, boring librarian. The crisp, cotton shirt was especially my nemesis, because it not only made me look shapeless but gave me a rash. ...on my neck! From the collar!

button-down -2


I have one Vince button-down blouse that I love because it doesn't have the fold down collar like most shirts.

But a traditional button-down is a must. So I searched high and low, and found this T by Alexander Wang silk blouse.

button-down -6


The thinness of the silk fabric gives it a much more pliable silhouette. It doesn't stick up or out anywhere, and it isn't boxy or bulky like those cotton shirts. Also, because it's sheer, the top looks a little better fitted than something that is opaque.

button-down -7


I chose a leather mini with this look because I saw Vince have a similar dress in his lookbook a few seasons back. I'm obsessed with anything Vince so I wanted to copy it as best I could.

I'm really glad I found this leather skirt. It's from Mango, so it's very affordable, but it is real leather, fully lined, and has embroidery on the sides. It is really good quality as well.

It works great with a button-down shirt, especially a silk one, because the leather gives it an edge.

button-down -5


I've always wanted to try wearing the necklace under the collar, but I didn't want to look too hipster or button my shirt up to the very top (I don't know how men do it). But with this choker I can leave the top button open and it still shows, and doesn't look too trendy.



Silk button-down: Alexander Wang -- similar here and here

Leather mini: Mango -- similar here, and here

Shoes: Manolo Chaos -- similar here

Choker necklace: Jules Smith -- similar here or here

Bag: Marc Jacobs -- similar here and here