Bryan Adams Photography


Bryan Adams Photography

I love when artists cross over into other forms of art, I think it really shows their depth. That's why today's photography of the day is Bryan Adams.

What is so amazing about these photographs is that they highlight the detail of the fabric. It reminds me of my fashion classes when we had to learn every different kind of fabric and construction method. These photos are from his mystery of cloth series.

bryan adams photography mystery of cloth 485

bryan adams photography mystery of cloth 486 bryan adams photography mystery of cloth 487

Part of the test was to be able to guess the fabric just by looking at it. I am a little rusty, but the last one is definitely brocade!

I love these photographs because they really show the details and quality of fabric. Even thought the majority of Bryan Adams' photography is black and white nothing is sacrificed. He perfectly captured the tactile mood of these clothes. The fabric is practically tangible through the screen.