brunch date

What do you wear when someone asks you out on a brunch date? You want to look casual, but also like it's a date. brunch date 0388

I went with this Forever21 dress, because it's body con, but the simple style also looks casual.

Although I don't like shopping at forever21, sometimes I'll go in and buy something that is super trendy, and I don't want to spend a ton of money on it. The body con midi dresses are one such thing.

brunch date 0387

If this style sticks around, and isn't just something made popular by a Kardashian, I might upgrade to a nicer version, like this dress. I also love this Nicholas dress, in a maxi length.

I know forever 21 copies other designers, so here's the original they were probably going for. This dress is also similar at a much better price.

This Keepsake dress is also a good choice in the midi length, and a decent price. And this one is a good choice if you like long sleeves.

brunch date 0385

Although I wouldn't normally carry such a big bag on a date, a brunch date is more relaxed, so the rules for handbags aren't as rigid ;)

This Ralph Lauren bag is one of my favorites. It's super useful, and looks just like the bags in style right now, without being exactly the same thing everyone else has.

This is another Ralph bag that I love, it's more of a tote style, but I think it's still acceptable for a brunch date -- as well as everyday use.

brunch date 0382

My shoes are the Phillip Lim flats I bought at Barney's shoe sale a while ago. There's still some left at Barney's Warehouse. And the all-over patent leather style is still sold at Barney's. I also like the tan ones, on sale as well.

These shoes are perfect for a brunch date, as they add the casual element to this outfit. A pair of heels would look just as great, but chic flats put this look into a more relaxed category. They also allow for more spontaneity. You can easily join your date for a walk to some other nearby place, because you don't have to wobble around on some painful spikes.

brunch date 0386

Since the outfit is so simple, I wanted to add a bit of jewelry. This amount of jewelry is what I normally wear. I like the clean pieces I chose, since it once again highlights the minimalism of this look.

I'm wearing some Chanel stud earrings, with a similar option here. I went with a simple gold chain, the short length works perfectly, because of the current choker trend. I like this simple choker, or this bamboo style one. Both are simple and work well with this look.

The rings I'm wearing are simple too -- just a V mini ring, and a ring set on my other hand. Ring sets are great if you want to get multiple rings for the price of one ;)

I also like this mini ring, and this similar one. I have a lot of Gorjana jewelry and it is good quality at an even better price.

brunch date 0389        brunch date 0384

Now you're dressed perfectly and ready to talk about Stendhal's opinions on music! Does anyone know what they are, actually?

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Hope you're all having a great week!