Books I Want To Read


Books I Want To Read

Today's books of the day are all these books I want to read! I got them years ago and haven't gotten around to reading. Mark my words, I will finish them by the end of this year.

books I want to read catherynne Valente thomas bernhard phantoms in the brain

Thomas Bernhard 'Extinction'

When I was reading Knausgaard's My Struggle, I wrote down anything and everything that might be useful to me. Whenever I love an author, I always try to find books they read, in an attempt to learn more about them. Knausgaard called Thomas Bernhard's 'Extinction' the scariest book he's ever read. Later on, as I was reading 'The Lady in Gold' I came across Bernhard once again, this time he was mentioned for his criticism of Austrian government's involvement with stolen artwork during the Holocaust, and refusal to accept its past.

His constant reappearance in my life can only mean I really need to get into this book!


This book grabbed my attention because of its' references to the domovy - a Russian house hobbit. I have no idea what this book will be about, but it is an American author who does an amazing job of describing Russian folklore and traditions without missing anything.

Phantoms In The Brain

This is a scientific book I bought because it included a whole chapter on the sensory parietal lobule. This part of the brain is where the compiling of all our sensory information takes place. Illnesses like phantom limb syndrome have been linked to a misfire in this part of the brain. When I was writing my papers at university about the implications of brain research I found some studies that suggested trans people's gender dysphoria is also linked to the sensory parietal lobule.

I can't wait to read more about these scientific findings!