bodycon dress

[easy-image-collage id=565] How do you make a simple bodycon dress new every single time? A reversible belt! I really love when something can be used a bunch of different ways, and the reversible belt I have is one such thing. It can be worn as a red belt, black on the other side, and it has so many holes that it can be a waist belt or a jeans belt.


bodycon dress



I'm wearing the Donna Mizani racer front dress; there's also a similar one here. Mine doesn't have any mesh in it, but I think both of those dresses make a good choice for a bodycon dress..the mesh just adds a little flair.

Try this red one too, if you feel really daring!

I love dresses (and shirts) with a front racer back -- racer front?? :P :P

They work really well if you already have narrow shoulders, but if you don't, the design will move the eye upward, creating an illusion of narrower shoulders.

I know it seems like it will do the opposite, but that isn't the case, you have to try it and see ;)


bodycon dress

This dress is also a racer front, but the price is much better! In order for the bodycon dress to work, it has to be quite simple, so it's nice to have an interesting element built right into the structure of the dress.

Of course this Zac Posen dress is a great choice as well! I love that it is longer, and that its on sale :D

Also, this BB Dakota dress is a middle price range, and the fabric sets it apart.


which belt black back

I really like the quality of the Donna Mizani dresses. It is perfect for a bodycon dress because they are prone to get stretched out fast. Mine is really thick material, and double layered with a beige layer underneath. It's difficult to put on though :D :D

I also had to size up to a medium (yes, that is a medium above) but I figured just because it's a little loose doesn't mean it's not still a bodycon dress.


This belt was actually my mom's -- you can see where it's scratched up a bit. It is probably older than I am! They don't really make belts like these anymore, it is prefect with a bodycon dress because the slack actually goes inside (between your body and the belt), so there's no huge chunk of belt hanging out.

This Ralph Lauren belt is cool because it has a buckle in both gold and silver, but this Ferragamo belt is probably my favorite. It can be worn as red or black so it will be useful for a long time.

For shoes, I chose simple pumps, with the red belt, I'm wearing my Gucci slingbacks, these are pumps, but they have the same bamboo heel.

With the black belt, I wore a tan pump, check out these Manolos, always my favorite. I also love these in a lower heel, so you can actually go somewhere in them!

Thanks for reading and happy Memorial Day weekend!