Black and Gold NYE


Black and Gold NYE

There are a few New Years parties that have color schemes, and by far the most popular is black and gold. So I thought I'd put together an outfit for a black and gold NYE.

black and gold nye 3

I love this outfit for any New Years Eve because it includes a COAT! I know this might sound dumb, but I'm really happy to have gotten a long jacket like this for the winter. Because it's always so warm, I never know what to do when it actually gets cold.

black and gold NYE 2

This coat incorporates perfectly into a black and gold NYE look. It's menswear-inspired, but the super short dress and over the knee boots make it look very feminine. And of course, it's warm!

black and gold nye 5 black and gold nye 4

Don't say I never smile in photos! I got a really late start on my photos and the lighting looked perfect. So I thought I'd show off just the top of this black and gold NYE outfit!

My Phillip Lim top is from a very specific collection years ago. All I did was wear the top with  some dancers shorts, which are basically really short bike shorts. But these dresses don't require any fancy undergarments ;)

Shoes and Accessories

black and gold nye 6

Over the knee boots have been a hit for quite a while, and once again I'm glad to be able to incorporate warmer footwear into my outfits.

Because I'm shorter I always worry how OTK boots will look on me. But paired with something really short, they actually make my legs look longer!

black and gold nye 1black and gold nye 7

What's a black and gold NYE without gold rings, earrings, and Chanel? NOTHING!

I went with some simple gold rings, found here, and here. And finished it all off with some cluster earrings (also here).

My Chanel bag is vintage, you can find similar ones here and here.


Hope you all have a great New Years Eve!