Bernard Boutet de Monvel -- Art Of The Day

Bernard Boutet de Monvel -- Art Of The Day

Today's art of the day is from Bernard Boutet de Monvel.

Bernard Boutet de Monvel -- Art Of The Day art deco mrs warren pershing painting portrait design architecture rectilinear style nature background

Bernard Boutet de Monvel was the father of the 'profile picture.' See what I did there? A lot of his paintings of people were done in profile. His style was the precursor for the Art Deco movement in art and design. It's something known now as 'rectilinear' painting. It's a term reserved for architecture and drafting. If you remember my earlier posts, I've talked a bit about the bridging of the gap between art, science, and engineering.

What Bernard Boutet de Monvel did was bridge the gap between art, design, and architecture -- a natural procession in my opinion. Art and design are very closely related, and the connection he made helped solidify him as an imperative figure in the art world.

The above portrait of Mrs. Warren Pershing is very seamless in my opinion. The background is further away, and it looks almost like she stepped into the shot, 'photobombing' this picture of a landscape. There is something very interesting about that. However, it doesn't look forced or awkward. She seems to belong and fit in right where she's standing.

There's a lot of detail in the background, making it just as important as the subject. This confirms my earlier statement that Bernard Boutet de Monvel sought to connect art and design.