Balmain pre-fall 2015

The Balmain pre-fall collection is probably one of my favorites in the past five years or so. Since Olivier Rousteing took over from Decarnin, I haven't enjoyed Balmain as much. But this collection was really special. Maybe it's because I saw some of my existing wardrobe pieces in it ;)

I'm wearing a Phillip Lim gold sequin Metal tank (This is the one! and it's on sale!), this NastyGal one is really similar, or try this crop top. The Phillip Lim tank is really heavy, so I have to wear it with a belt, other wise it chokes me, lol. I'm wearing a simple Gap belt, they're leather and really well priced.

The Balmain look I chose to "copy" is a dress, but the skirt and top combo also works.

I'm wearing a simple black mini, but I also considered wearing a leather mini for the same look.

And of course, the tried and true -- Manolos, you also can't go wrong with the Jimmy Choo Anouk. But I have to say, these Ivanka Trump pumps are probably the best bang for your buck. I have several pairs of her shoes, and I think I could probably go hiking in them. SOO comfortable and great quality leather.

I might go with black pumps also to make the outfit look more like the Balmain dress.

The look on the right was (I hope, obviously,) the inspiration for this outfit. The gold top and the way it drapes over the skirt, I think, is perfectly carried across to my look. And no, I will not wear fringe...I just pretended I didn't see it :P

Only thing missing is some black tights. I don't really love wearing stockings because I always snag them, but I think I will add some if I ever wear this outfit in the "winter."

I also started doing my hair differently, spiking it up, when I wear skirts or dresses. I get a lot of compliments on it, and I think it creates an interesting contradiction by adding some edge to an otherwise girly outfit. It needs some jewelry though -- I love these earrings.

Hopefully, soon I can afford the actual Balmain, but until then, I'll always look for ways to create a similar look myself!

xoxo ---