back to the future

back to the future 0489 Recently, I had the great opportunity to work on a TV show that takes place in the FUTURE! I can't say which show it was, but I can say that I can't wait to see it!

One of the things I loved about working there was the wardrobe. Everything was clean, minimal, almost utilitarian. Most of the clothes were from Zara, which is cool because that's an affordable place  to shop.

back to the future 0486-1

I wanted to recreate some of those looks for myself, so I pulled out my own Zara jacket (similar here). The pointed lapels were everywhere in this wardrobe, like this cardigan. This Akris jacket from the Architecture collection would be absolutely perfect for this show. The irregular collar and clean, angular lines are exactly what the wardrobe team had in mind for this show's futuristic look.

back to the future 0487

The premise behind the wardrobe was 'streamlined.' In the future, no one has time for frilly clothing, everything must be simple and easy to wear.

Jewelry was simple or non-existent as well. I went with a body chain, also found here.

back to the future 0490

Some color was present, but most of it was dark and the looks were monochromatic. I went with a white and black palette, as I think that these colors will remain in style for a long time.

White Vince tank, similar here. A plain top was a must for this minimalist wardrobe, but I love adding some interesting detail to my basics, like this St. John's top, or this Phillip Lim one.

back to the future 0488   back to the future 0485

Fabric choices were also very clean and simple. Without looking comical, clothes needed to look like they were made from materials 'from the future.' I thought Leather and latex leggings would work perfectly.

Faux leather pants would also be a perfect fabric choice for a more futuristic look, also found here.

back to the future 0486

Shoes were simple too, just a high heel and pointed toe. I like the lace fabric pumps as well, and these Louboutins are incredible!

I accessorized with a simple Ferragamo clutch. The square shape was another nod at 'futuristic' apparel.