Author Of The Day -- Borges


Author Of The Day -- Borges

Today's author of the day is Jorge Luis Borges! I always felt a personal connection to him even though I am not too familiar with his work, because he was Argentine, and a chunk of family lives there.

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Borges is considered a fantasy author. A lot of his work deals addresses philosophy as well. I wanted to make him 'author of the day' because I think there's no one else like him. His stories remind of surrealist paintings by Dali and Dadaist Max Ernst. Borges' work was filled with labyrinths, infinity mirrors, and mazes.

When I first saw Dali's "Persistence of Memory" it had a very profound effect on me. When I read Borges' El Aleph I felt the same. It was very intricate and hard to understand and I had to reread it multiple times, as if I was in the maze myself. Every line and every word had importance and meaning. The House of Asterion, another short story, gave me chills after I finished it.

All these stories can be found in El Aleph, the book pictured above. It's like a crash course on his writing. With an active imagination, it literally feels like stepping into a painting, or a world created by him.