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art of the day

ROBERT MAPPLETHORPE had a very tender way of rendering phallic objects. That's a very artsy thing to say, but it's true. Even his BDSM photos were delicate in a way. This is one of the few photographs I feel I can safely post to my blog. But it's also beautiful and incredibly complex. What Mapplethorpe brought to us is the balance between delicacy and toughness. And his choice to show this presence of balance through flowers really drives home its' importance in our lives. Especially our relationships with others and sex. I am a huge fan of his photography and art in general. I wanted to start this Art of The Day series on the blog to showcase some of my favourite work and open up a discussion about its' meaning. Please let me know what you think of this photograph or any other Mapplethrope work. Feel free to visit my earlier post on his exhibit at The Getty.