Art Of The Day -- Toulouse-Lautrec


Art Of The Day -- Toulouse-Lautrec

Today's Art of the Day post is on Henri  de Toulouse-Lautrec, the french painter. You might have seen his famous illustrations for Moulin Rouge and Aristide Bruant. But today I wanted to talk about one of my favourites, Woman Puting On Her Stockings.

toulouse-lautrec Woman Putting On Her Stockings

In general, I found that Toulouse-Lautrec had a weird way rendering bodies. This painting is actually a study for the original, which looks much less realistic. His drawings of bodies look very stretched out and exaggerated, and I always wonder if it had anything to do with his condition. He had some unknown congenital disorder that led to him being only five feet tall in adulthood.

It can be argued that he painted the way he did to maintain the Art Nouveau style. But I disagree, I think his style represents his perceptive, both from his short stature and from his philosophical view on the world.

It's fascinating to me to find out how anyone sees the world, and I love that Toulouse-Lautrec shared his unique view with us.